Welcome Media

We are about to launch VaBroom and we hope you feel your readers would like to learn more about it!

Eliminate Annoying Dustpans

Dustpans are dirty, ineffective and frustrating.  To us, they are the enemy.  That’s why we invented VaBroom, the powerful cleaning tool with a built-in vacuum.

VaBroom Makes Your Life Easier

Quick Cleanup – No Bending Over

Powerful Suction

14000 RPM motor and impeller creates  vacuum


At just 30 ounces, VaBroom is easy to handle and maneuver

Smart Nozzle Design

Maximizes suction and ergonomics for easy use

Completely Cordless

Battery powered so no messy cords to get in your way

Perfect For Everyday Messes

Have Children?

If your children are like most, they may drop a crumb or two.  Fear not, VaBroom can handle crumbs, Cheerios® and much more!

Pets Are No Match For VaBroom

We love Fido and Kitty, but why not have a quick solution for their spills?  Clean up around pet bowls or kitty litter quick and effective!

Let’s Face It, We Can Be Clumsy

It’s easy to blame others, but we make messes too.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a fun solution for your next mess? 

Have Questions? Don't be Shy.